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From kart racing to motocross, motorsports demand attention to detail.  
Often it is the key component to the difference between completing a race.
safely or getting tangled up with another competitor, between winning and losing.
We at Team Valhalla Racing feel that paying attention to the finest details, design 
and styling of our products makes you or your driver a bit safer when on the track.
When going through a turn with 1 to 3 G's of lateral force, the last thing a driver needs 
to be thinking about is how his or her rib feel.  The Armadillo Rib Vest from Team Valhalla 
Racing helps pad the driver's ribs, shoulders and kidney area.  The focus of concentration 
is then on what is happening around the driver, not what's going to hurt this time thru a turn.
From Kid Kart to Super Heavy, there's a size of vest that can be adjusted to fit the driver's needs.  
The designed-in versatility of the Armadillo Rib Vest makes it a good fit for all the different sizes 
and shapes of drivers.
Padding in the shoulder area helps reduce the chance of abrasion from karts climbing on top 
of one another, and times when the driver is ejected from the seat.
The side panels help pad the rib and kidney area of the body.  Inside these panels are plastic
inserts to help distribute blows to the side of the body while driving.  In addition to the insert, 
the side panels are filled with ZorbiumTM foam to absorb any side impact.
The padded back panel holds everything together in the back of the vest.  
This panel helps relieve the rubbing or pressure from the back and top of the seat.  
The side panels can be adjusted in and out and up and down to better fit the driver.
The padded chest piece can be adjusted to fit both men and women comfortably.  
Inside the chest panel are impact absorbing inserts that help deflect and absorb the 
energy from a sudden stop that may cause the driver to be pushed into the steering wheel. 
Small - Chest size 30" to 35" 
Medium - Chest size 34" to 39" 
Large - Chest size 38" to 43" 
X-Large - Chest size 42" to 47" 
Adult sizes can be SFI certified upon request.

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